NFL – Indianapolis Colts – Tricia Matchett

The world of football has changed dramatically as the world of internet and social media continue to develop and grow from coverage on each game, event, interview, etc.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts PR utilizes the web in full force, from twitter accounts and popularizing hashtags such as #chuckstrong , #coltstrong , #coltsmailbag used for fans to ask questions and someone on their pr team responds within hours!.. the list goes on. Instagram and facebook are popular and full of action on game day where fans can watch the team practice and get pumped for the game ahead ( also enforing the popular hashtags.) When coach Pagano under went cancer treatment followups and media releases were updated through the website. Lets not forget the Colts PR utilized the cheerleading squad to raise money on the sale of there swimsuit calendars.

Before the web, people like myself, who live in Canada, and 8+ hours away from the team, would not have access to minute by minute information that I have now. The fan base for this team, and other teams alike, who be extremely local, as they were before the growth of web and PR’s use to promote teams and communicate with the fans. The web has become the bridge for fans to communicate back to their team and support them on a deeper level then just watching the games on TV, but connecting with the players individually, and showing support online.


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